A company can’t grow unless its people grow, too. We aim to empower our team members to do their best work, develop lifelong skills, and have some fun along the way. Our team members are the heart and soul of Base Wood Fired Pizza and are the centre of the Base experience. Enjoy reading some of our amazing team members and their growth stories.

Elaine O'Connor Growth Stories

Elaine O’Connor

From: Supervisor to Operations Support Manager 

Favourite Core Value: Passion & People 

Pizza Love: Bosco


My journey in Base started in 2015 as a Supervisor in the Terenure branch after coming from working in a small restaurant in the city. I swiftly moved up the ranks and became the Store Manager of one of the larger teams within the company which was a totally new experience of working in the delivery aspect of the food industry. After working as a Store Manager for just over 3years I moved into the role as Production Kitchen Manager which was really learning behind the scenes of the preparation of the company, working with suppliers and getting to know our product even better and being involved in menu/product changes. After a year of working in the production kitchen and learning a lot from the experience gained, I moved into the Operations Support Manager role which brought me back into the stores and was able to advise or teach what I had learned in the different roles from the company and at the same time gain more experience in a new role from our Operations team and working with multiple Managers in stores. 


Paula Bilaver - Growth Stories

Paula Bilaver 

From: Pizza Chef to Store Manager

Favourite Core Value: Passion  

Pizza Love: Create your Own: Chicken, Nduja, Sprin​g Onion, Sweetcorn


I started working at Base in 2018 as an experienced chef and very soon I got promoted to deputy team leader. This role along with working in one of our busiest stores allowed me to become more familiar with all the aspects of work, both kitchen and management. In December 2019, although I enjoyed being a pizza chef and my role as deputy team leader thought me a lot of knowledge I wanted to change career and try myself in a different role. I decided to speak with HQ and after discussing where I wanted my career to go I was hired as a supervisor in one of our stores. This was a totally new role for me and proved to be great and something I adapted to very naturally. In February I was promoted to assistant manager, and after 6 months to a store manager. This progression was welcomed as throughout my time working in Base I have gathered knowledge of both food quality and food procedures, as well as people management. I have been fortunate enough and unique that I have been able to progress from both sides of the company starting off as a pizza chef and developing and progressing through the rankings to now become a store manager. Even though I am more than enjoying my new role I have to admit that sometimes I do miss the pizza making part.


Marco Placidi

From: Chef in training to Team Leader

Favourite Core Value: Passion

Pizza Love: Bosco


Working for Base Wood Fired Pizza has given me a great opportunity for growth both professionally and personally. It has given me the opportunity to deal with a multicultural work environment, where respect for people is as central as attention for the product, it also pushed me out of my comfort zone to engage with a more managerial aspect of the business that I had never faced before. Long story short, a great company made up of great people.

Amy Lally

From: Order Taker to Store Manager

Favourite Core Value: People

Pizza Love: Create your Own: White Base, Goats Cheese, Baby Spinach, Chorizo & Olives.


In 2018 I joined Base as a part-time order taker, and I found myself growing along with the team and the store very naturally. From the beginning, I realised how much I loved working with people as being an order taker you’re dealing with various types of people through the phone and in-store which gave me the push to work harder and want to do better for the store. During my time working in Base, I have been able to grow and develop and move through the rankings to Store Manager which is my current position. I believe based off my previous early experience working as an OT in Base I aim to provide a positive and enjoyable workplace for my team while providing high-quality pizza to our customers.


Jordan Arotzarena

From:  Order Taker to Supervisor

Favourite Core Value: People 

Pizza Love: Diablo



I started working in Base at the beginning of November 2017, it was my first experience working in Ireland and it was great.  I left the company for a little while and returned as I really enjoyed my time in Base as I was able to gain various new skill sets such as learning how to make Coffee, working during a fast-paced environment and being in a position now that I have moved through the ranks as Supervisor. Overall, it has been a great job throughout college, and I love everyone I work with.


Karina Resina

From: Supervisor to Store Manager

Favourite Core Value: Passion  

Pizza Love:  Pollo Caldo


I started working for Base in 2016 and in 2017 I had decided to move to Cork City however after 2 years living in Cork I decided I wanted to return to Dublin. When I moved back to Dublin, I approached Base for an opening position and was delighted to be welcomed back with open arms. Working for Base has made me a confident person! With support and encouragement while working in Base I have been able to believe in myself more and giving me the confidence to stand up for myself.  It also taught me how to manage a business and take the right action to resolve any issues that I or my team may face. I am passionate about my job and for all the hard work I have put in those years working for Base. 


Michael Kinsella

From:  Order Taker to Supervisor

Favourite Core Value: Passion

Pizza Love: Create Your Own: Smoked Mozzarella, Buffalo Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Nduja Sausage, Red Onion.


I started off as a part-time order taker and under a year I had worked my way up to full-time supervisor. I always value our customer’s feedback on matters to help improve the business and by using the tools in which I have been shown and bringing my own personality in able to achieve a high level of customer service. I was proud to be awarded “Best Customer Service” in my first year with the company at our company awards evening. I am thankful for Base for giving me the opportunity to grow and develop within the company. 

Kind at heart and always want to give the customer the best possible service.

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