Art of Zen

Are dedicated to sourcing, developing and distributing only the highest quality plant based foods that are tasty, healthy and sustainable.



Le 5 Stagioni

Le 5 Stagioni proposes an exclusive collection of flours for extraordinary pizzas produced by an Italian mill.



Gubbeen Smokehouse

The land provides the grass for the herd at Gubbeen, their milk is made into the cheeses and the whey is fed to the pigs and other animals.



Pigs On The Green

Pigs on the Green is an Offaly based free range pork producer. A family run operation, Fergus and Sandra Dunne are based on their farm in Tullamore and produce the finest bacon you can buy.



Latteria Soligo

100% premium Italian milk, founded in 1883, all their milk comes from accurately selected , trusted, local producers with strict controls on the wellbeing of the cows.



Salumificio Brugnolo

Founded in 1951 by Mario Brugnolo from Peronolo di Vigonza. Since then they have been producing quality dry cured sausages using carefully selected ingredients and strictly Italian pork meat.