Base Wood Fired Pizza speciality flour


Ever stop to think about the mountain of pizza boxes we toss out every year? It’s insane – over 2 billion worldwide! And get this, it takes a whopping 5 litres of water just to make one of those bad boys. Plus, most of them end up in the bin after less than an hour and a LOT of them are not recyclable (psst ours are!).

That’s where the BASE CASE comes in, it’s like the superhero of pizza boxes – reusable up to 500 times, dishwasher safe, and when it’s finally done its job, it’s 100% recyclable. Grab your Base Case online, through our app, or swing by our Greystones store for just €25.

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top: Bring your Base Case for collection orders and score €2 off your pizza.

Let’s make pizza night a little greener, one slice at a time!