Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.

Do You Have Allergan Information Available?

We are committed to transparency in our ingredients and food. You’ll find everything you need to know on our Allergen Information page

Is There Any Egg Or Dairy In Your Dough?

There is no egg or dairy in our dough.

Is Your Mozzarella Pasteurised?

Yes,our Mozzarella is Pasteurised.

Does Your Mozzarella Cheese Have A Vegetarian Rennet In The Ingredient?

The ingredient is microbial rennet in the mozzarella which is vegetarian friendly.

Do You Have A Gluten Free Option?

Our team have been working on bringing a GF offering to Base however & unfortunately, it’s proven to be more challenging than expected. We are yet to find a product that we can stand behind that fits into our pizza ethos concept “fresh is best” and a product that can be made in our production kitchen on a daily basis. GF dough products to date are frozen and that’s just not something we want to offer our customers as quality is not there. In addition to this the second challenge we face is cross contamination and we would have to look into separate preparation area/ rooms as well as an install of a second oven to cook the product. Sadly it has been more challenging than expected but we are always looking at the market and product innovation that will fit into our standards of quality.

Do You Have A Vegan Option?

Vegans & Vegetarians both have great options to choose from at Base WFP. We recently launched a new vegan range which includes sides, pizzas, dips and dessert. We also have vegan cheese available from Follow Your Heart which and can be put on any of our pizzas.

Do You Use A Wood Fired Oven?

Our revolutionary oven is custom made for Base WFP and is fuelled using only Irish kiln-dried beech and ash. The design is based on the traditional wood-fired ovens of Italy. Our ovens are heated to 800 degrees resulting in a light, crisp and easily digestible pizza. It’s skilled work and each pizza chef manning our ovens is specially trained in how to properly rotate pizzas through these different heat zones. They may make it look easy, but it takes a lot of know-how and skills.

What Size Pizzas Do You Have?

We have two size options, our 9.5” pizzas are made to be enjoyed by one person or we have a 13.5” pizza which is made to share. Also, we cant forget the kids and therefore we have a 7″ pizza option available also. We toss our pizzas by hand, so the size and shape can vary very slightly.

Do You Have Instore Seating?

We are mostly a take-home service however, we do have a select number of seating within our stores as our design is minimal, clean with a contemporary layout. These seats can consist of tables or high / low benches.

Where Are You Located?

We currently have 8 stores located across Dublin & Wicklow.

Terenure, Ballsbridge, Stillorgan, Lucan, Glenageary, Castleknock, Killester & Greystones. Visit our locations page for more details.

Find out more at our LOCATIONS PAGE

Do you do any special offers?


Click on this LINK to find out all our special offers. Keep an eye on our social media channels to see updates on special offers.

Do You Deliver?

Yes, we do deliver. You can check out if you are within our delivery zone by calling the nearest store to you on our locations tab or downloading our Base Wood Fired Pizza app.

Do You Offer Catering?

Yes, whether it’s an office lunch, Party, Kids party or special occasion we can cater for any event large or small. Contact catering@basewfp.com for more information.

Find out more at our CATERING PAGE

Do You Offer Any Corporate Discounts?

We offer a 15% discount for pre orders and if you wish to set up an account with us you can unlock our higher discount offers plus bulk buys.
Contact us at Catering@basewfp.com for more information.

Base Coin - Base Loyalty Scheme


Collect coins. Redeem coins. Easy!

Earn ‘coins’ on every menu item except alcohol. Coins are collected automatically when you order online or in App. Allow the coins to accumulate and redeem them at the checkout.

One coin is worth €0.01 and 100 coins are equivalent to a €1 redeemable discount. Minimum of 500 ‘coins’ must be collected before you can use your Base Coin at checkout.

Do You Accept Amex?

Yes we accept Amex across all our 8 locations and online.

How Can I Work Here?

We’d love to hear from you. The best way to get in touch is either the CAREERS PAGE on this website or If you would like to go onto Indeed and check our current job listings.

Do You Make Donations For Fundraisers Or Sponsorship?

We are committed to helping our local communities and charity fundraisers. We have fundraised and became a sponsor for local sports clubs such as Lansdown FC and Charites such as Temple Street Children’s Hospital and LauraLynn. If your organisation is located near one of our stores, we want to hear from you. Contact marketing@basewfp.com

Can I Start A Base Wood Fired Pizza Franchise?

Thank you for your interest, but at this point we’ve chosen not to franchise any Base WFP locations.

For more information contact

For more information contact